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How to pull a wheely


Pulling wheelies is simple if you have a powerful enough bike..The less power you have, the harder it is. In first gear, increase your throttle steadily until it is fully open. If your bike is powerful enough the front wheel witll come up without any more effort on your behalf... If nothing happens... then you need to give your bike a bit more of a push... Open up your throttle, shut it off and pull it back on again, pull on your bars at the same time, and you might get some lift.. This is the method i use for my ZR7s. If you still aren't lifting the front wheel, use the clutch.... in first gear, pull the clutch in, bring on some revs, and release, becareful of flipping it though - it could take you by surprise!!! When you let off the throttle, your front wheel will drop, keep the wheel straight and you should be ok.. The author does not take responsibility for damage caused by trying this at home.