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Well we have just clocked up 20 000 miles now with no major problems after running through 2 winters 2 sets of tyres soon to be 3 sets .
Only problems i had was fuel gauge inaccuracy causing me to run out of fuel.
Had to re join an ignition wire as salt ate through it.
Swing arm needs a repaint as rust is showing through
Have removed engine bars now.
Fitted clear indicator lenses.
Applied purple rim tape to wheels.
Fitted a super loud steble horn for my safety.
Have run on Avon Azzarro tyres constantly since having bike.
Lost count of oil changes and filter changes though they were done every 3 k
Fitted a DR408 SABOT Belly pan .
April 07 Mot Time hade to fit new disc to front as disc had warped.Also fitted new exhaust gaskets and collets as exhaust was blowing old parts had rusted away.Also New chain and sprockets .
Mileage 21000.
Fitted oil temp gauge from E-Bay replaces oil filler cap.
Now on 32000 miles and still going strong :)

temp gauge

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