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Scans of a Zr7s buyers guide from 'Bike' magazine

zr7 buyer guide

What is it?

What's it like to ride?

volumes about the bike's budget build quality, but they'll slow you down eventually.

A naked funster/commuter with an ancient low-tech,five speed engine.It sits firmly at the budget end of the market in terms of components,ride quality and cost.It doesn't look too bad though-a typical naked bike,with round headlight,high bars,meaty tank and a seat unit borrowed largely from the Kawasaki ZX-9R. Its just a pity the engine cases stick out like the FA cup handles.
  Its a comfortable,reliable machine-but Kawasaki priced it higher than bikes like the Suzuki Bandit and SV 650 and only slightly below the Yamaha Fazer and Honda Hornet 600. Consequently it was always compared with those bikes- and always fell flat on its face: they outperformed the ZR in every single area. Should have been cheaper new.

Nothing particualary special, but its not at all intimidating.The smooth engine and immediately comfortable riding position make it an ideal first big bike for new or returning riders.It doesn't have epic performance- we're talking 69bhp from an engine with roots going back 30 years, pushing along 202kg .Still, it easily cracks three-figure speeds.At the 1999 launch, Bike's Martin Child said,"A soft saddle and low pegs make 100mph cruising bearable."
  The comfortable ergonomics see pegs touch down quite early when cornering as the soft suspension (adjustable for rear preload only) deals with everyday bumps. This is not a bike suited to vigorous riding. The two- pot sliding caliper brakes speak

Will it break down?

Never,We spoke to many Kawasaki and independant dealers and they said they've never had a problem with these, not even a blown fuse. Aside from the cost, a big advantage of using a tried and tested (read 'really old') engine is that most of the creases have been ironed out. Anyway, less technology means less to go wrong.

What should i check?

The bike is very popular with year -round commuters and new riders, so check for corrosion,especially on the exhaust and wheels,or a lack of maintenence.As ever,make sure the chain and sprockets have plenty of life